2017 In Full Swing!

Happy February and welcome back!

We hope the holidays treated you well. With the theme of each new year being change from the past year’s growth, we thought we would share with you some new things we are doing around the studio. Many of you have already noticed these changes and may have questions, and to some of you this may all be new!

First and foremost, let’s get the quick one out of the way! Instead of our typical text message appointment reminders, we are now having our front desk support doing confirmation calls. Many of you already know Dani. She the sweetest, most organized powerhouse EVER and we are so happy to have her on our team coordinating our front end. Seriously, we can’t say enough good things about her. If we could pay her $100.00 an hour, we totally would.

That being said, it’s 2017 and we are well aware that some people seriously HATE getting phone calls. Being millennials ourselves, we get it. We are just as reliant on and comfortable with the world of texting as much as the next person. If you fall into this category, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we will accommodate you to the best of our ability!

Our next (and favorite) new change is the launch of our Associate Program! We are in full swing of this and loving every minute of it. Some of you may or may not know that our company is tiered based on a level system. (I’ll explain more on this below, hang tight.) Once our stylists earn the levels of 4A and 4AA, they are given the opportunity to work with associates. This is crucial because with the demand on their time at this point in their career, it is much needed!

Our program differs from having “assistants” because this is not a hazing process. They are a part of every service and they are NOT at our disposal to do the grunt work. In this mutualistic relationship, we need our associates as much as they need us. That being said, we know many of you may have questions. Well ladies, we hear you and we’re here to (hopefully) answer them and then some. Here we go!

Our associate program is essentially a hands-on, in depth secondary training opportunity. We are only looking for the best and the brightest. All of our associates are fully licensed and already trained. We are simply refining their skills to match what our company offers. Ultimately, this will lead to less turnover later on down the line in the salon, as we are only looking for stylists who take the salon industry seriously as a career.

As stylists, we are incredibly excited about this. At first glance, many may view this program as us stepping back from our guests, but in reality, it allows us the opportunity the give our guests the experience we SHOULD be, not “what we have time for”. This industry was never meant to be just that, but as the demand on our time grows, the reality is that this is just something that inevitably happens. Instead of pushing forward, giving you mediocre service and burning out, we decided to solve it before it even becomes and issue. With our associates, we are able to enhance your experience because we now have four hands instead of two.

On the flip side, we all benefit from this because it maintains a consistent level of service throughout the salon. As I mentioned before, all of our associates are trained, licensed and fully capable as far as skill is concerned – we are simply teaching them the way WE do things; technical skill paired with exceptional customer service.

We know in our hearts that this is a game changer and will be beneficial for years to come. We have also learned a few secondary benefits as we progress through this growth. One is that our clients get the chance to actually understand what we are doing on their heads’ in a completely new way, as the stylist/associate communication is always very candid.

Another benefit brings me to my final point. As stylists go through their career journey with us, they are given the tools, coaching and opportunity to earn their own raise based on performance. This is called “Level Jumping” and is based off of stylist growth and numbers. As our stylists jump levels, basic economics dictate that their prices will increase in correlation to the demand on their time. Some of their clients will go with them on their progression, and others will choose not to. Either way, it is our firm belief that whatever they choose is COMPLETELY OKAY. If they choose not to, it begs the logical question: “Where do I go now?”. Well ladies, I have the answer for you.

After months of working with us, our associates will graduate this program and be on the floor full time. They will come onto the floor as a Level 1 Stylist with Level 1 pricing. Now we ALL know that meeting/trying out/working with a new stylist is petrifying – but here’s the beautiful thing: It’s likely that you already know this associate- turned-stylist as a familiar face, and odds are, you have worked with them at some point. So you know HOW they work, and that they learned in the same exact manner your stylist works because after all, who trained them? You got it. This takes the anxiety out of this issue, and everyone wins.

I hope this answers any questions you may have had and gives you a little more clarity on the direction we are going and WHY. As always, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook (Loft. A Hair Studio) and Instagram (@loft.ahairstudio) to stay updated on the latest.

Thank you all for a great 2016 and supporting our business growth. Thank you also for allowing us to create an even better guest experience for you, and giving our associates an opportunity to perfect their skills and gain the tools to become an amazing service provider in this fantastic industry.

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